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Our Investment Plan
Min deposit $100
Max deposit $9,999

2.5% FOR 10 DAYS

Min deposit $10,000
Max deposit Unlimited

3.5% FOR 10 DAYS

About Zinifex Investments

Last years the company Zinifex Investments successfully engaged in stocks; shares and crypto-currency investments, receiving incomes from stocks exchange, mining, crypto-trading and ICO. Last year, in connection with the expansion of activities, the management decided to create a new analytical department. This unit deals exactly with stocks; shares and crypto-currencies. Such a step has matured due to a sharp increase in the stock/financial and crypto-currencies markets and everything that is associated with them.

In 2017, Bitcoin set all records and became incredibly popular. Against the background of its growth among market participants, interest in stocks; shares and other crypto-currencies also appeared. This allowed to increase the income of investors of Zinifex Investments LTD several times. All investments of business partners that supported the company's projects, investing in their own funds, increased by almost 700%.

Zinifex Investments FEATURES
Our developers do everything for your
convenience and safety.
Provides a secure connection between the client and the server.
The proposed investment strategy is
available to most cryptocurrency users
due to the low starting threshold.
Zinifex investments has been legitimately enrolled Australia
Company Address: 188 Edward St, Brisbane city QLD 4000, Australia
All requests for withdrawal of profits
are processed instantly.
The professional team of customer
support is ready to solve any of your
problem or answer any question.
We offer 6% referral bonus for each new member you invite to our
program. After he makes a deposit you receive a referral commi
ssion of 6%.